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The centerpiece of your solution is, of course, the appropriate software. The basis for all systems is the KEMAS NET ® administration software. This can be extended on a modular basis, using web applications which can be combined with each other. The administration of the KEMAS NET ® back end is coupled with the customer view through our terminal application.

The software is used to assign user and object rights, and also to define and monitor the background processes, while the end users mostly interacts directly with the transfer system (front end). The applications at the terminals provide appropriate functions, such as the selection and issue of available objects, the issue of IDs and receipts, the language selection, the display of visitor information and terms and conditions as well as the triggering of service orders.

Are you interested in KEMAS NET ® and the individual software applications? You can access the most important information here.

Software platform KEMAS NET®

KEMAS NET: the administration software for KEMAS system solutions is complemented by single modules according to application.

The KEMAS NET ® software platform is administration software, which is complemented with additional application and service modules on a modular basis. It includes the central administration of person master data, devices, as well as licenses and clients.

In summary, this means for you:

  • Permissions management for people, objects and devices
  • Group assignments
  • Automated notification of the occurrence of freely definable events
  • Precise access control through the inclusion of shifts and work with access roles
  • Process optimization through report generation and verification of object utilization

KEMAS software applications

bioverify NET

carpool NET

identity NET

keyreturn NET

keywizard NET

licence NET

tex NET

visitor NET

winkey NET

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