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Intelligent visitor management

Maintaining contact to business partners and cooperation partners, as well as collaboration with service providers who carry out outsourced activities of the company, plays an important role in every company. In addition to your employees, service providers and visitors can be said to form two other groups, who visit your company at regular or widely spaced intervals. Regardless of the occasion of the visit, it is important that your guests feel welcome.

As the person responsible, you know that the organizational preparation required for visits cannot be underestimated. Reception personnel receive appointments, coordinate the schedule with the person to be visited, and book rooms for the meeting. It should also be possible to clearly identify the visitor as a guest of your company. In addition to issuing a corresponding visitor ID, it must also be noted that visitors only have access to specific parts of the company and that service providers may also require appropriate work equipment. Apart from the organizational tasks, the traceable documentation of all activities connected to receiving visitors is not only time-consuming but also requires an eye for detail. Are you looking for a way to relieve your personnel of routine and documentation tasks? We would be delighted to discuss your individual requirements with you!

Visitor management: The electronic reception welcomes visitors and service providers and is a central access and information point.

Are you familiar with these challenges:

  • How can visitor planning and scheduling be organized and optimized?
  • Administration, reception and security personnel should be relieved of routine and documentation tasks. How can this be supported?
  • The factory gates are not staffed on a permanent basis, but should also be accessible to service providers outside of business hours. How can it be ensured that there is a permanent "contact person"?

Visitor registration online

Visitor registration: after the online registration the visit or appointment is automatically confirmed by e-mail.

In addition to self-service registration directly at the electronic reception, visitors can also register using an online portal. They enter their contact details as well as other important information regarding the date, time, place, reason for visit and person to be visited and submit the form. An interface is used to transmit the data to the KEMAS system. The visitor receives a confirmation email with a TAN or QR code, which contains the appropriate access permissions. On the day of the visit, the visitor registers at the electronic reception with this identity token. At the same time, the person to be visited is informed that their visitor has arrived.

Issuing of visitor IDs

Badge issue: After identification at the electronic reception the visitor picks up his badge.

After login at the electronic reception, the visitor accepts your security rules and code of conduct. The visitor ID is then issued, which is valid on a temporary basis. This only contains the access permissions for the parts of the building relevant to the visitor, and is limited to the duration of the visit. In the event that your company stipulates that certain objects (e.g. cameras, microphones, bags) must be handed in, these are deposited in the electronic reception for secure and traceable storage until the end of the visit.

Access for service providers around the clock

Self-service terminal for service providers: keys and other tool can be deposited for service providers inside the terminal.

The transfer of access media and work equipment required by your service provider requires efficient organization. The electronic reception, as a self-service terminal, provides a central point of contact - even outside of business hours! In the KEMAS systems, keys or access media are clearly associated with a depot. They can be removed by several persons or groups of persons with the required access permissions, using the corresponding ID tokens. Of course, it is also possible for a single person to receive permissions for several keys. Depending on the work or shift schedules, time slots are determined during which the access media can be removed. If a key is not returned on time, a reminder or alarm message can be issued.

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Your benefits:

  • Optimized visitor planning and scheduling
  • Quick and easy overview of all external persons
  • Seamless and controlled access to, and within, the company premises
  • Reception personnel are relieved of routine tasks
  • Automated issuing and return of access media (e.g. keys or IDs)
  • Access control for unstaffed works entrances, also outside of business hours
  • Transparent transfer processes through seamless documentation
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And this is how it works:

Visitor management workflow: registration, confirmation by e-mail, identification, pick-up and return, attendance list.

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